Sunday, March 07, 2004

Solo Jay asks an intriguing question about the Jews in America, as if questioning them might be a safe thing to do. Why do they support Democrats/liberals overwhelmingly when it seems illogical, in the same way it seems illogical for Americans of black African descent to trend the same.

Could be fun to watch the answers, especially given the bizarre, conspiracy-theorist first one:

Fanatics R NOT Us, or Why I'm a Democrat on Israel

Support for Israel is all well and good. But it's not the be all and end all of the issues in this upcoming year. Fundamentalist Jews, like some of the fanatics who settle places in the West Bank because this was "our" land 2000+ years ago, tend to believe that Israel can do no wrong. I don't believe that about my OWN country, let alone a foreign country.

Plus, the biggest reason the Republican Party supports anything the government of Israel does is due to their Conservative Christian wing. To these Christians it's the fulfillment of the New Testament prophesies for the Apocalypse. Of course these Republicans don't mention the fact that these prophesies not only predict the "End of the World", but the "Resurrection" of ONLY those who believe in Christ as their savior. Which also means the end of the Jews.

The whole alliance of fundamentalists on both sides makes me nervous. Fanaticism of any kind makes me nervous. When I'm 100% right, and you're 100% wrong, and we can't agree to disagree or compromise, well.... That's what is at the root of the Islamic Extremists who interpret the Koran literally and use that as a justification for blowing themselves up. It's at the root of what makes Christian Fanatics blow up abortion clinics and doctors. It's what makes a Fundamentalist Jew walk into a mosque with a gun and massacre worshipers. It's what the Nazis did to the 6,000,000. Get my drift?

Strange. Christians support Israel as a conspiracy to help armageddon along and in so doing rid the world of Jews. Oooohkaaaay.

10:01 AM