Monday, April 19, 2004

So John Kerry is really defensive about his patriotism. I see he's defending his patriotism against charges that haven't been made. The title of that article could easily have been: "Kerry goes insane, news media goes with him".
But you know what? I don't question his patriotism. I don't question the patriotism of any liberal.
I don't question their patriotism in the same way and for the same reasons a farmer whose barn is on fire doesn't question the willingness to help of a neighbor who stands around criticizing people's bucket-brigade techniques: I simply don't have time for nonsense.
By the same token, when the GWOT is largely over due to the courageous leadership of George W. Bush, I trust they won't question why my foot is rammed so far up their [collective] ass that they have athlete's tongue!

6:06 AM