Sunday, April 25, 2004

Gay Couples Say "I Do!"
On February 13, 2004, sisters Jaclyn and Krystle woke up before dawn. It was still dark when their family drove from their home in Dublin, CA, into nearby San Francisco. That day, Jaclyn, 13, and Krystle, 15, watched as their mothers, Diana and Rudi, got legally married.

Immediately afterward, they got married.

"It's absolutely wrong for society to restrict us from marrying who we want, when we want, regardless of gender, age, or relationship," Jaclyn said.
"Yeah, I love my sister," Krystle chimed in. "Those stupid moralistic Neo-cons want to prevent us from having a beautiful life-long relationship with each other."

It is a well-known fact that all lesbian relationships are perfect, loving, beautiful, and last longer than any heterosexual relationship ever in the history of man. Likewise, every male homosexual relationship is perfectly monogamous and does not engage in anal sex. Heterosexual marriages always end in divorce and are universally infidelitous. Thus, it is this unbiased, central moderate position that anyone who wants to prevent homosexuals from marriage is a jack-booted Nazi thug like John Ashcroft!

From Planned Parenthood's unbiased, ultra-nonjudgmental central-moderate website, Teenwire

9:32 AM